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Hemodialysis device

Structure and formation: The device is mainly composed of operation panel, power supply module, extracorporeal blood circulation monitoring part (bubble monitoring, pressure sensor, blood pump, heparin pump, among which the heparin pump is composed of stepping motor, gear screw mechanism, syringe fixing device, overload monitoring It consists of equipment, injection monitoring device), liquid circuit monitoring part (negative pressure pump, flow pump, heater, balance cavity, conductivity sensor, temperature sensor, blood leakage sensor), and infusion stand.

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monitoring the alarm is pump pressure and flow device


Medical equipment

  • Product Description
  •   Product name:hemodialysis device

      Model and specification:HD-PD-4000

      Structure and formation:The device is mainly composed of operation panel,power supply module,extracorporeal blood circulation monitoring part(bubble monitoring,pressure sensor,blood pump,heparin pump,among which the heparin pump is composed of stepping motor,gear screw mechanism,syringe fixing device,overload monitoring It is composed of equipment,injection monitoring device),liquid circuit monitoring part(negative pressure pump,flow pump,heater,balance cavity,conductivity sensor,temperature sensor,blood leakage sensor),and infusion stand.

      Function description:The hemodialysis device provides hemodialysis treatment for patients with acute and chronic renal failure.The equipment is used in conjunction with corresponding consumables to replace the patient’s kidney function;hemodialysis can remove metabolic waste,regulate water,electrolyte and acid-base balance,and at the same time It can remove excess water from the human body.

      Product performance advantages:

      1.Temperature control system:Including temperature display value error,over-temperature alarm;

      2.Pressure monitoring system:venous pressure monitoring,arterial pressure monitoring,transmembrane pressure monitoring;

      3.Flow monitoring:dialysate flow monitoring,blood pump flow monitoring,heparin injection flow monitoring;

      4.Dehydration accuracy:dehydration error,dehydration deviation,dehydration safety;

      5.Alarm system:air alarm,pressure alarm,blood leakage alarm,flow alarm,temperature alarm,heparin alarm,etc.;

      6.​​Power supply:the network power supply is switched to the internal power supply temporarily.

      Instructions for use:see the instruction manual for details

      Scope of application:This product is used by medical units for hemodialysis(uremia patients)

      Packing form:single set

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