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Injection pump

Structure and formation: The injection pump is composed of power supply system, micro-control system, mechanical transmission system, monitoring and detection system, alarm system, display and input system, etc.

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and alarm the system of syringe is to function


Medical equipment

  • Product Description
  •   Product name:Syringe pump

      Model and specifications:HD2081,HD8082

      Structure and formation:The injection pump is composed of a power supply system,a micro-control system,a mechanical transmission system,a monitoring and detection system,an alarm system,a display and input system,etc.

      Function brief description:Different types of syringe pumps can be selected according to the patient's requirements.The syringe pump is divided into constant speed and variable speed(target control)combined with a syringe to deliver medical liquid treatment to the patient.

      Product performance advantages:

      1.Compact structure,light weight,simple operation and convenient use;

      2.Low working noise,multiple working modes,parameters can be set according to the patient's condition;

      3.15 kinds of syringes are stored in memory,and two custom syringes are supported;

      4.With blocking pressure release function;

      5.Can accurately measure and control the infusion speed;

      6.​​Can accurately measure and control the infusion volume;

      7.There is a cumulative amount display and cumulative amount reset function;

      8.Complete alarm function(acousto-optic alarm):AC power failure alarm,syringe falling off alarm,drug nearing alarm,empty push alarm,blockage alarm,low battery alarm,end of delivery alarm,abnormal opening and closing,etc."

      Instructions for use:See the instruction manual for details

      Scope of application:It is suitable for intravenous infusion of patients in medical institutions.

      Product contraindications:blood transfusion,insulin,analgesia,chemotherapy,epidural anesthetics are prohibited.

      Packing form:single pack,two packs per box

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