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Multi-parameter monitor

Monitoring ECG waveform, heart rate, non-invasive blood pressure, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, body temperature; optional invasive blood pressure monitoring, end-breath carbon dioxide monitoring, depth of anesthesia monitoring, anesthetic gas monitoring, anti-defibrillation, electrosurgical interference; Saturation weak perfusion monitoring technology; ST-segment and arrhythmia analysis non-invasive blood pressure measurement using double overpressure protection

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and monitoring blood of playback pressure storage support alarm


Medical equipment

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      1,15-inch HD,high brightness TFT,resolution 1024X768

      2,14 language operation and display interface,can be selected at will

      3,AC and DC dual purpose,practical and ICU monitoring,operating room monitoring

      4.Monitoring ECG waveform,heart rate,non-invasive blood pressure,blood oxygen saturation,respiratory rate,body temperature;optional invasive blood pressure monitoring,end-breath carbon dioxide monitoring,depth of anesthesia monitoring,and anesthetic gas monitoring

      Anti-defibrillation and electrosurgical interference;weak oxygen saturation perfusion monitoring technology;ST segment and arrhythmia analysis

      Non-invasive blood pressure measurement adopts double overpressure protection

      5,720 hours of trend data storage and playback;2 hours of waveform storage and playback;1000 sets of blood pressure data storage and playback;200 sets of alarm event storage and playback

      Sound,light,and voice prompt 3 level alarm,the alarm volume is adjustable

      Drug concentration and titration table calculation

      Support nurse call system

      Support wired and wireless networking;support mixed network connection

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