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Disposable A.V fistula needle

It is used for blood vessel puncture in clinical hemodialysis.

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Hemodialysis products

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    Disposable A.V fistula needle





    1. The excellent needle whose sharp tip has a design of double arc is imported from Japan, which can reduce the pain caused by tissue damage.

    2. The needle siliconized exquisitely and evenly can reduce resistence in the process of puncture and prevent blood coagulation.

    3. The needle with thin wall and big cavity has a higher level of blood flow.

    4. The unique anti-acupuncture sheath design can cover the needle tip effectively.

    5. The slip-proof grain design is convenient for the product to be held with single hand.

    6. This product can effectively avoid haematogenous spread caused by injuries resulted from needle stick.

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