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Disposable medical protective mask KN95

The "Hongda" brand products produced by the group company have nine categories and dozens of varieties: infusion, blood transfusion equipment, injection equipment, puncture equipment, inspection or auxiliary equipment, anesthesia equipment, catheters, medical equipment, Cardiovascular intervention products, blood purification products, etc.

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      Jiangxi Hongda Medical Devices Group Co., an enterprise recognized by the State Food and Drug Administration as a single-use sterile medical device series product registration certificate.It is located in the center of the scenic Lushan,Jinggang,Longhu,and Sanqing Mountains,close to Poyang Lake,60 kilometers away from the provincial capital Nanchang,and close to the Beijing-Kowloon Railway,Zhejiang-Jiangxi Railway,Shanghai-Liwen Expressway,Jingfu Expressway and The National Highway 320 and other major traffic arteries pass through the city,and the traffic is very convenient.

      The group company now has a registered capital of 428.88 million yuan and a current capital of 320 million yuan.The plant covers an area of​​600 acres,and the 100,000-level purification workshop that meets the requirements of GMP covers 42,000 square meters.The total number of employees is more than 3,600.It gathers industry elites and interacts with the world medical industry.Today,Hongda has become a major supplier of sterile medical device markets in the Americas,Europe,Africa,the Middle East and Southeast Asia.It is one of China's disposable industry consumables production and processing manufacturers,and China alone has nearly a quarter of the market quota.

      The"Hongda"brand products produced by the group company have nine categories and dozens of varieties:infusion,blood transfusion equipment,injection equipment,puncture equipment,inspection or auxiliary equipment,anesthesia equipment,catheters,medical equipment,Cardiovascular intervention products,blood purification products,etc.

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