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flash back needle

Flashback blood collection needle is a multi-sample needle that provides instant confirmation of needle placement, through a unique visual flashback indication. The Flashback needle avoids the need to probe for a vein, as well as the potential of multiple sticks of the same patient in cases where the vein is hard to find.

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  • Used in routine blood collection and used together with Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes for Single use.
    As a special Multi-sample Needle with Flashback Chamber, provides immediate confirmation of right venipuncture.
    With patented design for blood flow, avoids patients’ pain caused by multiple venipuncture and reduces the potential for sharps injuries.
    With special cut of the needle tip, makes penetration easier and makes patients comfortable.
    With automatic assembly machine for production, guarantees high-efficient output of 60 million pieces/year and quality control.

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